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Icebreaker Quantum Zip Hooded Shirt Review (1)
zakrenzkechri: s tend to be another likely problem, as well as knotholes where birds might be nesting.If you opt to treat the nesting regions, do so humanely, to the birds a minimum of. ... read more | reply reply
LOWA Focus GTX LO Hiking Shoe Review (1)
wncewyat: hey checklist the fares with all the self-proclaimed airlines combined with their most effective fares.You can also get some research based travelling sites which supply ... read more | reply reply
The North Face Big Fat Frog 24 Footprint (1)
allen tart: I am looking for an original north face footprint for a big fat frog. in order to be able to set up the fly alone it must have the grommets attached with bungee. do you h ... read more | reply reply
Summer Fun with Merrell (3)
Eric Miller: I agree, while not truly a "barefoot" shoe, I am finding that I prefer minimal drop on longer runs and runs with a lot of vert. reply reply
My Mt Hood Gear List (3)
Eric Miller: Jim - no you didn't miss anything. You are correct, a tarp or bivy is missing from the list. The sleeping bag was a backup solution. The plan would have been to use th ... read more | reply reply

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