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The North Face Aconcagua Jacket for Men and Women (3)
vivus: For those who have already acquired your own free of charge credit reports for this year, it is still possible to monitor your own report through ordering directly fr ... read more | reply reply
The North Face Big Fat Frog 24 Footprint (1)
allen tart: I am looking for an original north face footprint for a big fat frog. in order to be able to set up the fly alone it must have the grommets attached with bungee. do you h ... read more | reply reply
Summer Fun with Merrell (3)
Eric Miller: I agree, while not truly a "barefoot" shoe, I am finding that I prefer minimal drop on longer runs and runs with a lot of vert. reply reply
My Mt Hood Gear List (3)
Eric Miller: Jim - no you didn't miss anything. You are correct, a tarp or bivy is missing from the list. The sleeping bag was a backup solution. The plan would have been to use th ... read more | reply reply
My Mt Hood Gear List (3)
Brig Graff: Good question Jim. Eric -- did you bring a tent or bivy or something too? Maybe I missed it in the list... reply reply

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