Original LogoRemember from way back in the 1990′s? Remember the clever magazine ads? Well, we’re still around! started in the late ’90s as an outdoor gear retailer from Seattle that immediately earned a great reputation among core gear enthusiasts for finding the best deals on outdoor gear. We are now mostly known for our insightful gear reviews, articles, editorial, and a killer comparison shopping engine. And you can bet that we are still scouring the globe to find killer gear, and then we flog it to let you know how it works.Old Print Ad has since moved to the Rocky Mountains of Utah but is still run by people that love skiing, biking, and all kinds of gear. We know you do to, so we have constantly improved to bring our readers what they want. From articles to videos to price comparison tools, we love hearing from our readers about the things they want from

Enjoy shopping for gear in our comparison shopping engine, and also reading the news and gear reviews we bring your way. We wanted to make it easy for you to find all your gear, as well as info about that gear, at the most logical place on the internet: Print Ad 2

The whole crew is out there ripping through so much ski gear, bike gear, camping gear and other stuff that we figured we would share our gear reviews with you about our favorites. We’ll also show you where to buy great bike gear for cheap, good prices on ski gear, and lots of other gear we love.

And if there’s some aspect of a product we’ve reviewed that you don’t agree with, please post a comment and share your experiences with your fellow gearheads! Hey – go ahead and post pics of yourself charging on those new Black Diamond tele skis. Write about camping under the stars in your North Face Tent or building a snow cave in your Mountain Hardwear softshell jacket. Stick some pics up of you trail running in your Nike shoes, or just wearing your new puffy North Face jacket to the club.

Old Print Ad 2Some things you just have to share, and there’s nothing wrong with a post that’s all about spreading the stoke while also informing the public – our readers generally rip and love to hear from other rippers.

Just remember to keep it a good vibe — no flaming, no spamming, and no posting material that’s not suitable for work. Thanks – enjoy!

A Note About the Gear We Review

There has been a fair amount of scuttlebutt surrounding the nature of product reviews posted on blogs. Some bloggers think that since the product is provided to them as a sample that they must provide a glowing review. Well, sometimes bad products are bad products and there’s no way around that. We work hard to be honest and thorough in our reviews–no matter how the product is obtained. Speaking of that, the products obtained for review on this Web site fall into the following categories:

  1. Items purchased at retail
  2. Items purchased directly from the manufacturer
  3. Items provided as a sample from the manufacturer

If you have a question about the origin of a product used for review, please contact us.

- Crew