Brunton Profile Duo Camp Stove Review

Posted in Gear Reviews, Outdoor Gear by Adam Buchanan - 09.11.2009

I cringe when a scary old broken down stove makes it to the campground. My mind flashes forward to the headline, “Outdated Camp Stove Blows Up without Warning…”. Time to upgrade to the Brunton Profile Duo which offers a range and grill with steel construction. Had the chance to cook with the Duo last week in Southern Colorado at around 9,000 feet.

Gas options
The versatile stove offers propane and butane giving you the power to choose or the flexibility when your buddy picks the wrong canister. I burned a 1/3 of my green Coleman tank over 3 days of cooking for 3 people. The flexible hose to the tank was perfect for setting the stove on different tables and tailgates. The regulator is easy to fit on the tank and stores nicely under the grill burner in the stove for carting around.

Brunton Power
The boil time for a Nalgene of water was about 4 minutes on the range. There is a ring on the range burner that heats up and really helps to lower boil time and also stays hot when leaving the pot on to keep the food warm. I came back to a pot of noodles sitting on the range for 15 minutes and steam was coming out as if I had the burner on low. I quickly turned off the burner because I thought it was on. Just be aware the Duo needs some solid cool down time. After all, it sounds like an F-16 when you fire it up.

When I first opened up the stove it was jammed which I noticed again and again. When you are closing it, make sure the grill hasn’t come loose. I remedied the jam by putting pressure on the hinges which brought the cover forward a bit releasing the jam. The latches on both sides of the stove don’t fit very tight which I think is good because they would probably wear out and put unnecessary strain on the top cover.

This ain’t your Grampys stove
The steel grate is sturdy and has a small pole that fits in the range area keeping big pots secure. The wind screens take a little maneuvering, make sure to do it right though, you don’t want those puppies coming down on your dinner treats. I noticed where the hose attaches to the stove can let out gas if not fitted tightly. When I first attached the hose, it felt tight but then the hose shifted a little and I could hear a leak. I just needed to tighten up the nozzle a bit more. Never had the problem again.

My favorite part about this camp stove is the handle on the bottom. I’ll probably never find a slick case to lug the 10 lb. stove around so the handle is key. I have never had good luck with igniters on stoves but the Duo lights right up after one turn of the orange knob. The only time it didn’t spark right up was after the first night I accidentally left the stove out in the rain over night. I wiped the range burner with a paper towel and it sparked right up. NOTE: Leaving the Duo out in the rain is not suggested and is disrespectful to your Brunton resulting in bad food karma.

Can you say ‘ski season’?
The Duo is coming skiing with me this year for sure. Hot dogs and bratwursts at my car in the parking lot at lunch. This $90 stove is the ultimate crowd pleaser for car camping.

BUY NOW: The Brunton Duo Profile Camp Stove.

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  1. Jason Mitchell

    That stove looks really cool! I like how versatile it is with the grill/griddle option instead of two burners. Sweet!

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