Burton Unveils US Snowboard Team Uniforms for 2010 Winter Olympics

Posted in News, Snowboard Gear by Jason Mitchell - 12.04.2009

After much anticipation, Burton unveils today the US Snowboard Team Uniforms for the upcoming 2010 Winter Olympics. This February, as the US Snowboard Team steps onto the World’s stage in Vancouver, they will look and feel unmatched with designs that speak to both individuality and heritage, key hallmarks of the Burton brand and the snowboard culture. Building on their long-standing relationship with Gore, Burton has enhanced their own unique designs with the Gore-Tex® brand.

The Olympic uniforms feature a fresh and progressive style while also managing to pay tribute to more classic Americana fashion staples. The pants seamlessly integrate the look of real, worn, vintage denim, and the jackets feature preppy plaids adorned with leather patches and chenille crests with both pieces incorporating the performance benefits of Gore-Tex fabric. All product development at Burton is rider driven and this Olympic outerwear is no exception.  Burton held a roundtable discussion with top pro-snowboarders and Olympic hopefuls Elena Hight, Mason Aguirre, Danny Davis, Kevin Pearce, Jack Mitrani, Luke Mitrani, Steve Fisher, Scotty Lago, and Louie Vito to review design concepts for the outerwear before arriving at the final creation.

“Since its inception, Burton has been a rider driven company,” said Jake Burton, Founder and Chairman of Burton Snowboards.  “For the creation of the US Snowboard Team uniform, we listened carefully to the riders’ needs and used their input to ensure that the final fit, fabrics and overall design would maximize their performances and take these riders to the podium. It was also absolutely critical to ensure these Olympic uniforms were worthy of bearing the Burton name.”

The partnership with the Gore-Tex brand, the official fabric of the 2010 U.S. Snowboarding Team’s Olympic outerwear, further enhances the technical designs, enabling riders to compete in a variety of cold weather conditions. Gore-Tex fabrics combat the snow, ice, water and wind, while maintaining breathability, keeping riders drier and more comfortable.

“The Olympic team is made up of the best riders in the world and they demand the best in functionality and performance,” says Brad Hill, NA Snowsports Marketing Leader.” As the leader in technical fabrics, our number one priority at Gore is to make sure our products are best in class. By blending Burton’s unique style with the unbeatable comfort and protection found in Gore-Tex fabric we’re confident the uniforms will enable riders to stay focused on the challenges of the event itself, and not on the distractions bad weather can bring.”

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  1. Brig Graff

    Cool style — but for the Olympics? I really liked the US Team’s pinstripe uniforms before, so this looks a little sloppy to be the Olympic uniform. But that’s just my initial reaction – maybe it will grow on me.

  2. Jim McIntosh

    I’m with you Brig. IMO, they don’t need to be in storm trooper vests with a bunch of unnecessary zippers designed by Marker or Spyder but this is a little too sloppy for the Olympics. If the snowboarders are too cool for the Olympics then stay in the extreme park with the tweens listening to Chris Brown- or whatever. I’m also a 36 year old white dude who loves to ski, so I could be off base too.

  3. Jason Mitchell

    I think they’re kind of cool, actually. With the full-on technical features of Gore-Tex in a casual-esque look… it’s different. Yeah, it may not be the “typical” uni’s, but I don’t think the US Snowboard team’s uni’s have ever been “typical.”

  4. Ryan Haggerty

    This isn’t the fashion olympics here. Who cares what they are wearing? All that matters is how they ride and it looks like they will dominate the podium.

  5. Brig Graff

    I agree they are the best team out there. But I still think it matters what they look like because they are representing their country, not just themselves individually. The Olympics isn’t like X-Games where they are competing individually and it doesn’t matter what they wear. And I’m not saying I hate the uniform — I think it’s cool. Just at first glance I’m wondering whether the bottoms look a little sloppy for the Olympics. But that’s just my initial gut reaction, and I suppose it doesn’t really matter what I think anyway.

  6. Nab

    the wahie pinstripe was was more professional looking imo (although i know that the olympics are for non pros).. this really looks sloppy , i mean ripped pants? and then we wonder why snowboarding has such a punk stigma attached to it …

  7. Jenn

    Heck I like them and want to buy a pair of them!!!!

  8. Jenn

    I like them and want to know where I can get a pair of those pants…

  9. moondancer

    I think they look great for the hip, non-conformist attitude that snowboarders seem to have. Really, why have them wear tidy uniforms like everyone else? Perfect!

  10. Nadia

    If you don’t ‘get’ the uniform, then you’re probably old.

  11. Jason Mitchell

    I’m totally digging these on the athletes and would love to get a pair of the pants myself. I saw the actual uniform while at Outdoor Retailer last month and it’s pretty darn impressive. The pants look like denim–even from close. But, when you feel them, they are like any other Gore-Tex pant. Super-cool indeed!

  12. Brig Graff

    @Nadia — yep, I’m definitely old (34yrs). Regardless, having actually seen them on the athletes in the games I now like them much better than I did at first. Pretty cool stuff…

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