Cash for Clunkers, Mountain Hardwear Style

Posted in Contests & Promotions, Gear Reviews, News by Claire - 10.26.2011

Remember the government’s Cash for Clunkers program? Where you could bring in your old vehicle and get cash towards a new one? Well, to announce and promote their new waterproof-breathable fabric, Dry-Q Elite, Mountain Hardwear is doing the same thing. Bring in your old shell jacket and get $50 dollars towards a new Dry-Q Elite Shell with the Mountain Hardwear Cash for Clunkers program.

What is Dry-Q Elite and why is Mountain Hardwear giving you cash to go buy their jackets and check this new fabric out? Composed of 3 layers, Dry-Q Elite is a completely waterproof yet completely breathable fabric that essentially “turns on” as soon as you start your activity. According to MH, traditional waterproof-breathable fabrics require that the inside of the jacket (the part touching you) must reach a certain level of humidity before the material will breathe. With Dry-Q Elite, this technology is “always on.” The theory is that as soon as you start to sweat, this fabric begins to breath, eliminating that gross clammy feeling that is usually associated with sweating in a shell jacket.

Having just received the Mountain Hardwear Drystein jacket (a new Dry-Q Elite shell), in the mail yesterday, I can’t give a full report on the jacket’s functionality. However, I can report that the town I live in received 10 inches of rain yesterday. TEN inches! I ripped into the Drystein, put it on, and ran outside, figuring that a torrential downpour was about the best testing condition I could think of for “waterproof-ness.” After about 30 minutes outside in what can only be referred to as a full on squall, I was still dry. A good indicator for Mountain Hardwear’s Dry-Q Elite fabric. Look for a full report on the Drystien’s features and function in a few weeks.

Looking to get a new shell this season? Dive into your closet and find that neon yellow, neon pink and black shell jacket from the mid-eighties, and run to your nearest participating “Cash for Clunkers” retailer, and make that swap. Just make sure you don’t accidentally end up at a car dealership.

Want to know where you can go to get some cash for your ancient shell? Check the Mountain Hardwear Website and plug in your zip code. Live in the boonies and don’t have a location to trade close to your house? Don’t worry, Moosejaw is participating in the program as an online partner.

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