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Posted in Casual, Footwear by Claire - 02.22.2010

Unfortunately, I’ve been spending more time indoors than I would like as of late. As I finish up internship rotations for my masters degree, I currently spend about 50 hours a week inside Denver Children’s Hospital, running from one floor to the next all day long. However, one thing that has truly made my days at Denver Children’s a bit easier was the purchase of a pair of Dansko Professional Clogs!

As a Speech Therapist at Denver Children’s, I’m required to dress “business casual” every day. As one who normally lives in Mountain Khakis and Chacos, this was pretty much a death sentence for me. The idea of wearing heels on a daily basis was more than I could bear, so I explored my other options, and scored myself a pair of Dansko Professional Cabrio Clogs. They fit the dress code, and didn’t require that my toes were crunched into something awful and pointy. After having worn my clogs day in and day out for weeks now, I’m a Dansko wearer for life!

Dansko Professional Clogs- The Lowdown

  • Originally designed and produced in Denmark, these close-backed clogs are now seen in hospitals and offices throughout the country. Dansko translates to mean “Danish shoe.”
  • The clogs are popular in professional circles for a reason- the rocker bottom sole propels your feet forward as you walk, and allows for all day comfort.
  • Heel counter- the clogs are made for movement. Your feet SHOULD slide up and down as you walk in the shoe. At first, I thought this was a little odd; I figured that meant that they didn’t fit my feet right. However, this movement is intentional, and allows for supreme comfort, and added breathability. This added breathability keeps your feet sweat free and comfortable throughout the day. The thermoplastic heel counter acts as a natural shoe horn, and facilitates that up and down movement in the shoe.
  • Footbed- made of breathable open cell foam. Between that and the integrated heel movement, no sweaty stinky feet!
  • Available in oiled leather, patent leather, cabrio leather and several different color options. I stuck with brown, so they’d match everything, but I’ve seen some pretty stylish pairs out and about when I’ve been at the hospital.
  • The company itself is pretty cool. They support sustainable business practices and treat their employees very well. Be sure to check out their website to learn more about their business ethics. While that doesn’t necessarily affect the performance of the shoe, I like to support businesses with practices and principles like Dansko’s.

Dansko Professional Clogs- Things to Keep in Mind

  • Each shoe is hand tooled and stapled, so the fit varies a bit from each pair of shoes.
  • If you’ve got a really high arch, you may be out of luck. I have a mid-high arch and mine fit great, but my Mom happens to have an extremely high arch, and she can’t get her foot in the clogs.
  • The clogs come in a wide and a narrow version, so they can accommodate different foot widths.
  • Dankso makes several different designs and styles. If you’re not a clog person, you can find that same comfort and great construction in a different style of shoe.
  • Price = $120. Ouch. However, worth it. I’ve spoken with colleagues who’ve had their shoes for over 6 years and are still wearing them daily. Consider it an investment in your feet!

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Dansko Professional Cabrio Clogs

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