Ellsworth Bikes Sponsors British DH Rider Jack Reading

Posted in Mountain Bike, News by Jason Mitchell - 04.06.2009

Ellsworth Handcrafted Bicycles has announced Jack Reading, a professional downhill racer from the United Kingdom, as its latest sponsored team rider. Reading, a 20-year-old neo pro, is also supported by Freeborn, the exclusive UK Distributor for Ellsworth for almost ten years. Ellsworth Handcrafted Bicycles has assembled a strong team of gravity riders who are competing in national and World Cup events for the 2009 season.

As a relative newcomer to professional downhill racing, Reading has grown increasingly fond of his Ellsworth Project Pink Dare.

“I am confident in saying that the Dare is the best downhill bike on the market right now. The quality of ride on every track I’ve ridden has been phenomenal,” said Reading.

Riding his Dare to victory in his first four races of the season in the U.K., Reading’s attachment to the bike has become involuntary.

“The bike has proven to be extremely stable at high speed, great in the technical sections, and really easy to pedal due to the low weight and ICT rear suspension. The bike has become a part of me, like an extra limb I have total control of.”

Tony Ellsworth, weighs in on Reading’s sponsorship.

“Jack’s commitment and dedication to improve and be at the top of his game is inspiring. He’s as approachable and friendly as he is fast and talented. Jack knew what he wanted, and chose Ellsworth for the performance of the product. He is a tremendous ambassador for the Ellsworth Technology and awesome to watch ride and win,” says Tony Ellsworth, founder and president of Ellsworth Handcrafted Bikes.

Reading’s entry to competitive sports began with a stint at Huddersfield Town Football Academy where he was groomed to become an elite soccer player. After a winter spent skiing in Whistler, BC and learning to ride mountain bikes in the summer, Reading’s priorities took a turn towards the dirt. “Football couldn’t compare to the adrenaline rush I got from ripping on my bikes, so in 2007 I made the decision to dedicate my time solely to racing,” Reading said. He has not foregone an academic career, however, as Reading is in his first year at Manchester University studying Optometry.

Being the lone British rider supported by Ellsworth, Reading sees his sponsorship as a fantastic opportunity to show the world the quality and attention to detail that makes Ellsworth unique. “I think it’s fantastic that all the frames are hand built in America to such amazing quality by very talented and experienced welders. I’m so proud to be the only guy riding Ellsworth on the U.K. racing circuit and raising awareness of such an awesome bike and brand,” said Reading.

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  1. josh holliday

    hi i have just got in to raceing for fun. a team in the army i have seen that would like me to race for them in the rlc championships. but i also whnt to do it out of the army but do not want to be sponserd by the army that is why i am intrested in your company to sponser me .l pleace get back to me if u are intrested in doing so.

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