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Posted in Gear Reviews by Adam Buchanan - 04.27.2011

Before I spout another gear review on your computer screen I thought it would be semi-painless to introduce myself. I’m a 26 (possibly 27) yr. old father of two (one on the way) gear junkie from New Mexico.

History At

I’ve been writing for for about 3 years now. When I started I was working at neck deep in awesome gear. I never thought I’d actually get to review gear as an adult and attend conventions where I get to see the goods on the latest gear, but yet here I am. I focus on family camping, gadgets, funky gear, apparel, and all purpose footwear.

My Quirks

  • I don’t believe in saying ‘bless you’ after a sneeze. It does nothing for you or the sneezer.
  • My feet are hot. All the time.
  • I Interviewed Jon Gosselin one time on a ski lift.
  • Technically my username for is teleknees. It will forever drive me absolutely nuts.

Favorite Piece of Gear

It changes probably every weekend as I get myself into stupid situations.
Definitely a tie between the Big Agnes Insulated Pad and the Black Diamond Apollo Lantern. Big Agnes is just a epic brand that in my opinion understands outdoor products. Black Diamond is…well…Black Diamond.

Next Camping Trip

Since my latest kayak tour (pictures attached) was just last weekend it might be a while. Hopefully May 13th with my kids in the La Plata mountains.

Outdoor Hero

Eugene Buchanan author of ‘Outdoor Parents Outdoor Kids’. Same last name and he literally came up with a point system for exchanging babysitting with your spouse to spend time in the outdoors. And I got to meet him.

Musical Inspiration while I write articles for

Lately it’s been Justin Bieber (this may have to go under quirks).

Known Alias - Bushannon or Bushannonator

That’s me. Let me know what gear you are interested in. We always try to write articles that people will actually read because we know your busy twittering about the Royal Wedding.

I look forward to writing more gear scuttle in the future. Feel free to connect with me in the comments. I’ll always reply. Unless you give me a hard time about living in New Mexico.

Your Comments?

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