Icebreaker SS Roto Zip Jersey Review

Posted in Bike Commuting, Bike Gear, Gear Reviews, Mountain Bike by Eric Miller - 09.25.2012

The Icebreaker SS Roto Zip Jersey is a bike jersey gone smell free. After a hot summer of testing here’s what I found. Oh yeah, Icebreaker kicked over the jersey for testing and review.

Icebreaker SS Roto Zip Jersey Features

  • Material: GT 200 (200g/m2 merino wool, spandex)
  • Active fit
  • Eyelet Panels for venting
  • 1 rear zippered pocket
  • Half-length zipper
  • Recommended Use: mountain biking
  • Price: $119.95

Icebreaker SS Roto Zip Jersey Review

The Icebreaker SS Roto Zip Jersey is almost like the anti-bike jersey. It’s loose fitting bike and not flashy. With that said, it’s probably more at home on a mountain bike ride than a road ride. I wore mine mainly on my daily bike commute.

For mild to hot temps the Roto Zip is light and airy enough to keep you comfortable. The Merino wool fabric is light and comfortable on the skin. For extra venting Icebreaker included the half zip (which is also fantastic for showing off your hairy chest) and some eyelet fabric under the arms and at the top of the back panel for increased airflow.

Performance was good. It kept me cool, wicked the sweat away, and stayed smell free. My longest time between washes came in July when I went three weeks riding daily in the Roto. Three weeks of hot summer riding and the Roto was virtually smell free. It was like the Royal Gardens compared to the smell of your typical jersey after 20 minutes of riding.

A single pocket on the bottom right side is just the right size for a gel or bar or keys. I found the loose nature of the fit wasn’t good for putting your phone back there. It just bounced and tugged all over the place.

I like that the Roto isn’t flashy, it isn’t skin tight, and it performs exceptionally well.

The Good

  • Light and airy
  • Smell Free
  • Loose fit

The Bad

  • You won’t look like a road warrior in it (if your into that sort of thing)

Bottom Line:

Icebreaker SS Roto Zip Jersey is awesome for a commute or mountain bike jersey.

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