Julbo Orbiter Goggles Review

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I used to only think of Julbo as the glacier sunglasses company. That’s not the case anymore. Julbo gave me the chance to test and review the Julbo Orbiter Goggles and here’s what I thought.

Julbo Orbiter Goggles Features

  • Material: Lightweight nylon frame is flexible and accommodates large faces
  • Breathable dual density foam membrane
  • Silicone-accented strap and easy clip secure to fit all helmet sizes
  • Camel Photochromic lens (cat 2-4) new high end polarized lens
  • NXT technology
  • Front venting
  • Anti-reflective coating
  • Anti-fog coating
  • Price: $200

Julbo Orbiter Goggles Review

First off, out of the box the Julbo Orbiter Goggles look great! Let’s face it, if you’re going to shell out more than $30 for goggles, you want a pair that look good. The Orbiter has good styles and the frame designs are clean.

The Orbiter is made to fit bigger faces, so ladies you’ll want to check out something like the Julbo Eclipse Goggles. I found the Orbiter extremely comfortable and can thank the breathable foam for that. After all day wear, I didn’t get any goggle fatigue. The Orbiter is also comfortable with a helmet. The strap “wings” (as I call them) position the strap to go with the curve of the helmet instead of making the strap stretch straight from the frame. This was huge in terms of on-helmet comfort. The Orbiter also comes with a strap extender so you don’t end up with foam imprints after wearing the goggles for awhile.

The strongest and most notable feature is the Camel lens. The Orbiter comes with a couple of lens options but just move past the rest and go straight for the Camel. The Camel lens is a polarized photochromatic lens. For the uninitiated, photochromatic is essentially a “transition” lens that changes from light to dark based on the amount of sunlight. The Camel lens is rated as a “2-4″ on the scale which means it does well in relatively low-light conditions to bright conditions. The product photo shows the lens at the lightest and my photo shows it at it’s darkest. Throw in the polarized coating and you have a lens that is hard to beat.

All that combined makes the Orbiter an awesome goggle. I already have a favorite goggle but now I am having to reconsider my choice.

The Good

  • Camel Lens (polarized, photochromatic)
  • Comfortable
  • Good Style

The Bad

  • Price – it could be hard to shell out $200 for goggles but they are worth it

Bottom Line:

The Julbo Orbiter Goggles is a great goggle and worth every penny.

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  1. Jim McIntosh

    I have some Julbo polarized sports glasses for mt. biking and love them. These look just as well put together. I don’t know whey they aren’t more popular.

  2. Eric Miller

    Jim – the goggle market is pretty well filled out and it’d be tough to break into it. I also think Julbo has some customer perceptions to redefine. For me I always thought of them as a glacial/mountaineering company. It seems a lot of others have that same perception. It’ll take some time to change those perceptions and with products like these they’ll be able to do it.

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