K2 Trim-To-Fit Climbing Skins

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K2 has been working hard to develop a wider selection of backcountry equipment, known as their “BackSide” line. From shovels to probes, K2 is really ramping up production of items that a resort to backcountry convert might need. Among the BackSide line is K2′s Trim-To-Fit Climbing Skins, climbing skins compatible with k2 skis only.

K2 Trim-To-Fit Climbing Skins: The Details

  • 125mm wide
  • Available in a variety of lengths to correlate with k2′s skis (153 to 188)
  • Come with Z clip system, which works on skis with tip and tail holes
  • Includes off-set skin trimming tool and storage bag

K2 Trim-To-Fit Skins: The Review

Good Skin

I’ve been using the K2 SideKick skis with my K2 Trim-To-Fit skins a fair amount so far this backcountry season. It’s been dumping since early November, and backcountry season has been jamming. When I first received my K2 Trim-To-Fit skins, I was stoked to see that their skin trimming tool follows the same principle that G3′s does, since I loved that one so much last year. Trimming skins no longer requires the painful “lay the skin down, trim one edge, move it over, swear about how you didn’t reposition it right, do it again, eventually get the other side trimmed” action that other companies skin trimming tools require (come on Black Diamond, get with the program). The offset skin trimming tool was easy to use, though not quite as precise as I’d like in a few areas. If you stray away from the ski edge by a micro-millimeter, and then wish to give the skin a second pass to ensure your whole edge has the exact same amount of ski edge showing, it’s tough to do with this tool. However, if you get it right the 1st time, you’re stoked. Super easy, takes less than 5 minutes per ski!

So far, my favorite part of the K2 Trim-To-Fit Skins is the attachment system. Currently being the owner of a pair of G3 skins, a pair of Black Diamond fixed length skins and a pair of Black Diamond’s GlideLite Skins, I can say, without a doubt, that K2′s attachment system is the most secure, easiest to manipulate and least likely to get snagged on errant alders, branches or other skinning hazards. That being said, I think it’s also the downside of the skin in the sense that you can’t use it if you don’t have holes in your skis. So, you’re looking at drilling your skis, or simply only using these skins if you have K2 skis.

In terms of glide, traction and general skinning ability, I’d say I would rank the skins somewhere in the middle of the pack. The glide isn’t nearly as smooth as other skins, and definitely a bit more work. Hopefully with that decreased glide comes increased long term durability. They’re holding up so far, but we’ll see at the end of the season. Uphill traction seems to be on par with my G3 Skins, and slightly less than my beefy Black Diamond Ascension Skins.

Bad Skin

The “Glue Saver” or skin saver sheet with these is awful. Flimsy and very prone to attracting dog hair. Toss it, immediately, or you’ll accidentally cover your skins in the crap that had radiated towards the skin saver. Personally, I don’t ever use the skin saver sheets on any of my skins, but the material on this one is not your traditional “plastic coated screen” material, and whatever it is, it seemed to have a static cling that drew dust, dirt, human hair and dog hair right to it. Not what I want on my skins.

Bottom Line

A great choice if you’ve got K2 Skis. Moderate glide, moderate traction and a great attachment system.

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K2 Trim to Fit Climbing Skins

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