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Posted in Gear Reviews, Outdoor Gear by Sarah McConkie - 04.20.2009
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After working as a wilderness guide in the high desert for a few years, and now working with Search and Rescue, I am a bit of hydration Nazi.  If you are going into the backcountry you need to bring water, plain and simple.  Water containers should be an uncomplicated idea, but you have loads of choices.  There are bladders, collapsible boxes, dromedaries, bottles made of aluminum, steal, plastic, and the classic Nalgene.  What is a simple hiker to do?

I like to keep things straightforward and versatile, this is what keeps bringing me back to my Klean Kanteen.  The sleek stainless steal is durable and frank.  The bottle is long and fits smoothly in your hand.  It doesn’t feel like you are gripping a basketball or meeting your fingers all the way around.  While the steel does accumulate small dents if you are hard on it, a Klean Kanteen is extremely resistant against cracking and bursting.

The lip of the Klean Kanteen is a soft curl of steal.  The opening is wider than a Sigg bottle but narrower than a classic Nalgene.  The threads of the bottle are wide and distinct, providing a strong, steadfast seal.  The loop of the lid is rather handy to secure the Kanteen with a ‘biner or assisting in drawing the bottle out of your bag.

When the Klean Kanteen shines:

I use this bottle constantly.  The 27 oz is narrow enough I can toss it in my purse for simple daily drink, to the yoga studio, a hike, backpacking, the library, climbing… my Klean Kanteen has seen some scenes.

When I opt for another bottle:

If I am going to sustain in extreme conditions like high altitude or severe cold, I do not prefer a steal bottle.  The metal conducts the heat right out of my hand.  In these scenarios I find myself using a wide-mouth Nalgene with layers of duct tape around it (the layers of duct tape insulate the bottle and it keeps your tape outrageously accessible, the wider mouth is useful if your water freezes and you have to break it up).

Cycling- another negative application for the Klean Kanteen.  Although it fits in the cage on my bike, as steal is opaque, I cannot see how much water I have, making more difficult to manage consumption.  When riding I usually use a bladder system like a Nathan Hydration Pack, or even a simple, translucent, recycled plastic bottle suits well.

Features of the Klean Kanteen:

  • High-quality, 18/8, food-grade stainless steel
  • Holds no flavor retention in the bottle, your water tastes like water!
  • Klean Kanteen gives back 1% to the planet
  • Reusing a Klean Kanteen cuts back on plastic bottle use

The consumption of plastic and plastic waste infuriates me, but I will stay away from the soapbox and allow you to explore the facts through this video link if you wish.  It briefs the situation of obscene amounts of plastic bottles floating in the ocean accumulating to twice the size of Texas.

One thing many athlete miss in the declination of plastic bottles is the loss of sports drink.   If you are attached to the idea of electrolyte balance try out Nuun Hydration.  Nuun is simple tablets that dissolve in a reusable bottle, like a Klean Kanteen, to become a great replenishment.  Nuun is another great way to cut back on your consumption of plastic, and promoting the support of the environment.

Buy a Klean Kanteen now at REI!

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  1. Jim McIntosh

    Thank you for doing this post Sarah!

  2. Brig

    A guy at work has the silver-colored stainless one — says the taste is really good (though not as convenient when backpacking as a collapsible hydration bladder is).

  3. wrecklessgirl

    hey sarah! i loved your review of this bottle. i have two klean kanteens in two different sizes and colors. i use them for day-to-day drinking when i am home, in the car, or working out in a studio/home setting. i’ve dropped mine a few times on the cement, and the dents were irreversible…although they didn’t effect the function of the bottle. thanks for posting the video. i am *extremely* interested in the long term health detriments of drinking from stainless steel bottles as opposed to plastic, but there doesn’t seem to be much research or reports on the matter.


  4. Jeff


    I just wanted to add that the CamelBak .75L insulated sleeve fits the 27oz. Klean Kanteen perfectly and provides insulation and a carry strap!

    This and the addition of the new Sports Cap 2.0 has really taken my Klean from a good to great!!

  5. Natalie

    Klean Kanteen has new colors rolling out – you can save 25-30% on the current colors here:

  6. Ruthanne

    Just received one as a gift from my daughter. Love it. But why does the sport cap chirp so much? – can’t use it at work or where others can hear. Is there a solution?

    • Gerald

      Remove the cap and drink it from the bottle straight. Other than that you might try to loosen the cap a little.

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