Klipsch Custom-2 Headphones Gear Review

Posted in Audio Gear, Electronics Gear, Gear Reviews by Jim McIntosh - 04.30.2008

Why do you wear headphones? Where do you wear headphones?

If you wear your headphones to get clean accurate sound in environments where you want to focus without interruptions, these are for you.

These headphones produce a clean clear sound. The fit is perfect, and like the name suggest, they feel very custom. The snug fit produces an almost noise canceling effect blocking out all surrounding or ambient noise. I’d say these headphones would be perfect for the audiophile on the commute, at the gym or for use at your desk at work.

Klipsch is known for powerful, accurate and clean audio. These headphones are a good example and representation of the quality and precision they are know for.

These headphones come with a really nice case that can double as an iPod carrying case, a few options for ear jells to insure your custom fit, and an extension for the two pronged 1/8th inch headphone jacks seen on airplanes.

These Custom-2 headphones produce a bright, clean and obscured sound quality consistent with some of the other high end headphones on the market. They are stylish and fit well.

Where to buy
Price: $199

Product Suggestions
I’d prefer to hear a little more bass boost, have a volume control on the cord, and give the user some options for ear gels that let a little more ambient sound in.

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  1. Brig Graff

    sick headphones… how would they work while riding? shock- or water-resistant?

  2. Jim McIntosh

    I’m not sure I would recommend these for riding (mt biking or on snow). They are durable with a nice cord but I personally like to hear ambient noise with some backgorund music when I’m on my own or with a buddy in the backcountry. One other element I didn’t mention in the review is that when traveling up or down in elevation the snug fitting gels cause my ears to build up pressure making the ear piece a little uncomfortable.

    If your talking about pure audio, they rock.

  3. Garderis

    I used to own a pair of Shure SE210′s until they got stolen. I was extremely happy with the sound from Shure, but the “microphone” effect off the cord was very irritating when walking. When I was searching for a replacement of my SE210′s I came across the Custom 2′s. Through Klipsch’s advertising I assumed the microphoning effect I experienced with the 210′s would be reduced. Can you or anyone else give me more feedback with this area? Would you say the sound quality of the 210′s and Custom 2′s are close? Would you say the microphoning effect is reduced b/c of the extra technology in Klipsch’s cords?


  4. Adam

    Garderis, I own a pair of Klipsch Custom-3s, and they are the best sounding headphones I’ve ever used. That being said, I don’t like the cord the Custom’s use. It is a thin cord in a pvc jacket, with a [nylon?] cloth weaving over-top instead of rubber/plastic. It is supposed to be durable, but my cord has frayed and the inner pvc tubing is potruding, after only a month of use. Also, kinks have formed in the wire where it is no longer flexible. Klipsch assured me they would replace the headphones at any time within the one-year warranty, and I requested they change their cord [they use a slightly different cord on the IMAGE headphones that may or may not be better durability-wise, I don't know]. The cloth wrapping of the cord also makes anything the cord hits or scratch against very audible through the headphones while you are wearing them, so I wouldn’t use them while doing anything more than a gentle walk. Honestly, they are great sounding headphones, but I’d advice buy them until they fix the cord they use. I have owned two sets of Shures and never found the cord to be much of a problem with thud and scraping sounds, but both of my Shure cords broke (right after the warranties expired, of course, and their customer service isn’t the nicest). I have also owned Ultimate Ears 5 Pros, which have a thicker, entwined (two cords wrapped around one-another, instead of one straight cord) cord, and these had virtually no sound effects while moving around wearing them. They are slightly bulkier, though, and don’t sound as nice as Klipsch (they’re about the same quality as Shure, but with a different signature sound that favors natural soundstage instead of smooth quality in the music playback). Their cord is also a little stiff, as it is a heavier plastic. My pair broke while trying to remove one of the “removable” earphones from the cord to see how it worked, so the construction could be sturdier. Westone makes earphones that look like a cross between Klipsch earphones and UE cords, so that might be the perfect solution, but they are a bit more expensive and only come fitted with Comply Foam tips.

    Well, they’re you have it. The decision is yours to make, and I hope i was of at least some help.

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