Matchstick Productions’ Attack of La Nina: The Bitch Is Back

Posted in Gear Reviews, News, Ski Gear by Claire - 09.11.2011

It’s after Labor Day, which means it’s officially time to get amped about ski season. To add to your stoke, the guys and gals at Matchstick Productions are releasing their 2011 Ski Film “Attack of La Nina: The Bitch Is Back,” on September 17th in Boulder, Colorado. Don’t live in Boulder? Don’t despair. The 2011 Tour is going around the globe, from Norway to Vermont to Indiana (what?!? Do people in Indiana even know what skiing is?!?). Check out the MSP Website to find out where they’re coming near you.

After last year’s phenomenal movie, “The Way I See It,” the Matchstick crew has a lot to live up to. However, with the best winter in 50+ years for most of the West due to the lovely La Nina, some amazing skiers and what promises to be another shred-tastic soundtrack, I’m willing to bet they’ll deliver. Look for a full report after the tour has come to Alaska, but for now, here’s just enough to leave you wanting more…

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  1. Brig Graff

    sick…I am loving this.

  2. Claire

    Oh man, me too! Especially after Alaska got shortchanged last winter… We didn’t see any of the epic dumps that the Lower 48 got, so we’re all that much more amped for this winter to arrived and bring some fresh fluffy white stuff!

  3. jackson

    what for a great movie! i´ve never seen so amazing powder like this! why isn´t every winter like the last one! it is awesome to see, whats possible with modern cameras, good riders and wonderful landscape. also i like the soundtrack very much! there is a playlist of attack of la nina:

    • Claire

      Jackson- glad to hear you enjoyed it! I think MSP does a fantastic job with selecting their soundtracks. Last season, I went and bought all the songs from “The Way I See It” to add to my ski playlist…. As for the plentiful pow, rumor has it that La Nina round 2 will be hitting this winter, so be sure you’ve got the big skis ready!

  4. Elena

    really cool!

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