Mountain Hardwear Radiance & Refugium Jackets: Built-in Power for Heat or Devices

Posted in Electronics Gear, Outdoor Gear, Ski Gear by Jason Mitchell - 10.06.2009
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Electronic devices, argon gases… what will the modern ski jacket look like next? Well, the future is now with the all-new Mountain Hardwear Radiance and Refugium jackets that include a built-in, flexible battery pack to power the integrated heating elements or external devices such as mobile phones or an iPod.

Cold and unconnected?

Mountain Hardwear solves both problems this winter with the industry’s first pre-wired jacket that not only provides on-demand heating, but also simultaneously provides power and re-charging capabilities for handheld electronics including GPS devices, PDAs, MP3 players and digital cameras.

More than 60 percent of the U.S. population uses handheld electronics to stay connected, oriented and entertained, whether riding a lift, skiing in the backcountry, attending a winter sporting event, or walking the streets of SoHo. Mountain Hardwear partnered with Ardica Technology, the creators of the Ardica Moshi Power System, to deliver today’s “plugged in” consumer this year’s jacket of choice.

Now available at retail, Mountain Hardwear® Men’s Refugium and Women’s Radiance jackets are designed with a specialized, integrated pocket to accommodate the portable Ardica Moshi Power System, which provides power necessary to generate heat into critical areas of the jackets, as well as power for handheld devices through cables located in the jacket pockets.

  • Enjoy 8.6 hours of continuous heat on the low setting, and 3 hours on the high setting.
  • Runs power on any electronic accessory requiring less than 10 watts – cell phones, MP3 Music Players, GPS devices, lights, satellite phones.
  • Rechargeable power source. Charge electronics by a USB cable (included) – provides approximately 20 charges without needing a recharge.

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