Osprey Manta 25 Hydration Pack Review

Posted in Bike Gear, Gear Reviews by Adam Buchanan - 07.08.2010

Riding with a backpack has never been more trendy thanks to the Osprey Manta 25 Hydration pack. Personally I really don’t care to shove loads of junk in my jersey pockets. Its uncomfortable and I know one of these days they will tear apart. If you’re on the fence about riding with a pack or not, hear me out. The Osprey Manta will do you good.

All Mighty Guarantee

My favorite thing about Osprey is their promise. Whether if your pack was purchased in 1974 or yesterday, Osprey will do what they can to fix a problem or replace the pack. You can stitch that on a pillow and put it on the couch.

Osprey Manta 25 Review

The Airscape design is flat out impressive. It keeps the pack away from your back which not only keep you cool but feels good too. The recommendation from Osprey for how much weight to carry is just under 20 lbs. I would disagree with that. The straps aren’t sturdy enough to handle that kind of weight and unless you’re adventure racing, who wants to pack 20 lbs. around?

The integrated rain cover is a little gimmicky. A cool idea but in my opinion I’d much rather have a really trimmed down pack with a stout design to carry bike tools, water, and bars. The pack has plenty of room for a rain jacket which I would prefer. But hey, I live in New Mexico and probably don’t deal with as much rain as most. I wish the compression buckles were eliminated or more discreet. For a good sleek pack they just stick out too much.

I used the Manta 25 for the last 3 weeks while working in the field. I carried supplies, an iPad, and water and even though it wasn’t heavy, the Manta just didn’t feel right hiking. I really wouldn’t consider this a hybrid bag due to having very low profile shoulder straps. However for riding a bike it makes up for not serving two masters. The sunglasses pouch really won me over. It has a ‘no scratch’ fabric on the inside keeping your lenses safe. Fancy pants.

Osprey Manta 25 Specs

  • Weight – 2 lbs. 4 oz. – would be less if they chopped a couple buckles off.
  • Magnet holder for hydration hose.
  • Lycra stuff pouches.
  • Harness Pockets
  • HydraLock hydration system.
  • Helmet Stash belt loop.
  • S/M – 1300 cu. in. :: M/L – 1500 cu. in.
  • $140 clams

It’s All In The Hip Belt

The Osprey Manta has plenty to say when it comes to features. Take the hip belt for example, very thin comfortable strap perfect for being hunched over on a bike. I do wish companies would back off on the side pull adjustment for the hip belt, I can never find the dang strap and can’t seem to get it tight around my 19 inch waist. Ok… 32 inch waist, you got me. This low profile strap is not ideal for hiking in my opinion. I would rather have something a bit more thick to support a heavier weight.

Hydration Station

The pouch for water is very slick and easy to use. Osprey designed their water pouch to actually fit your back, hmm who would have thought? Osprey thats who! It also helps with keeping the flow of water steady which I noticed big time while I was using it. With the hydration bladder included, $140 is quite the bargain for such a well designed pack.

Osprey Manta 25 Bottom Line

If you want more of a hybrid do it all pack, the Manta 30 is probably your best bet. For biking, the Manta 25 has that sleek design that stays out of the way. The curved frame really is the reason I would ride with an Osprey rather than a Camelbak. I’m already hunched over riding my bike, the Manta 25 moves along with me making this the best biking pack I’ve come across.

BUY NOW: The Osprey Manta 25 Hydration Pack will exceed your gear junkie expectations.

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