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ABS Avalanche Rescue Devices Vario 30 Backpack

Merchant: Backcountry
Price: $675.97

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Merchant: DogFunk
Price: $675.97
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Product Descriptions
Backcountry Description: The overwhelming majority of avalanche victims are caught in slides that they themselves trigger, often without realizing it until it's too late. Within a single second, an entire slope can be in motion, and the ABS Vario 30 Backpack can be the difference between ending up underneath a pile of avalanche debris and staying on top of it. With a quick pull of the handle, the ABS system quickly inflates a pair of airbags from the side of the pack, giving you 170 liters of additional volume which improves your ability to rise to the top of moving debris and to be seen once it's come to a stop. ABS's system provides two major benefits that other airbags don't: the redundancy of dual air bladders and the resulting horizontal glide position, which helps your feet, legs, and torso end up closer to the surface, making it easier to self-rescue or for others to spot you. An included adjustable activation handle comes with a small, internal pressurized release capsule and can be set up on the left or right shoulder strap for easy access, and safety bracket zips into a compartment on either shoulder strap to prevent accidental releases. When pulled, the activation handle punctures the small internal trigger capsule, which in turn activates the piercing unit, puncturing the main canister (also included) to fill the airbags within seconds. The shoulder straps, waist belt, and secure leg strap work together to ensure that the pack stays securely attached and correctly oriented, even in the turmoil of a powerful slide. Once you've deployed the airbags, you must replace the trigger handle and the airbag-inflating canister (replacement must be done through ABS). The other parts of the system are reusable--just fold up the airbags according to the instructions and re-pack them in the hook-and-loop side panel compartments, attach the new canister and trigger handle, and you're ready to ride. Besides the airbag system, this pack offers storage for your avalanche safety gea...

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