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Black Diamond Big Gun Harness

Merchant: Backcountry
Price: $89.96

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Merchant: RockCreek
Price: $109.95
Merchant: SummitHut
Price: $109.95
Merchant: Eastern Mountain Sports
Price: $109.95
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Product Descriptions
RockCreek Description: The Black Diamond Big Gun Harness is the ultimate in comfort and efficiency for any big wall, aid climbing endeavor. With the Big Gun's seven color-coded gear loops you can efficiently place your gear in their respectful places, creating a much better way to find your pieces quickly. Two belay loops (color coded as well) provide a simple, yet separate connection with daisies or a belay device and is rated to 15 kN for a safer connection. An incredibly wide, bullhorn shaped waistbelt gives you extreme comfort as you sit belaying an aid pitch, and an ultra luxurious thermoformed dual density foam is added for those long days in the vertical. The leg loops are fully adjustable giving you a secure fit when changing layers or using the bathroom, and the Big Gun also comes with a holster (and two holster slots) to stow your hammer when your not pounding in bashies or copperheads.

Eastern Mountain Sports Description: The ultimate big wall, aid climbing harness, the new Black Diamond Big Gun is loaded with features to make your long days laboring in the vertical more comfortable and efficient. Organization of monster nailing racks is simple on the Big Gun's seven color-coded gear loops. Two color-coded belay loops ensure simple separate connections with daisies or a belay device. Haul loop is rated to 15 kN. Bullhorn-shaped waist belt is 5 in. wide in the crucial-to-comfort lumbar region. Waistbelt is constructed with ultra-luxurious thermoformed dual-density foam. Leg loops are fully adjustable and removable -a must-have for fine-tuning fit over layers, scoring some solid zzz's on the portaledge or using the big-wall lavatory. The Big Gun comes with a holster (and two holster slots) to stow your hammer when you're not slinging iron.

Backcountry Description: Black Diamond created the Big Gun Harness to give you every comfort and convenience when you start up a 20+ pitch big-wall climb. This harness includes seven gear loops to hold a massive aid rack, and two belay loops to help organize the tangle of ropes and daisy chains when you're leading. Black Diamond also loaded the Big Gun Harness with enough padding to keep you comfortable at a multi-hour hanging belay while your partner does battle above you.

SummitHut Description: The ultimate big wall, aid climbing harness, the Big Gun is loaded with features to make your long days aiding in the vertical more comfortable and efficient.

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   Retailer Reviews

Get the Big Gun for Big Jobs

I recently purchased this harness for use during Big Wall climbing. Reading reviews about wall harnesses can be a little daunting especially when you don't have much experience aid climbing. I waited until I had about 20 aid pitches, and one major aid route (2 nights on the wall) under my belt before I purchased my first aid specific harness. After my first wall I had terrible wall hips that were bruised for day's after the climb, and I promised myself I would take strides to reduce this uncomfortable pain. So I practiced better hauling, and jugging techniques so that I wouldn't be constantly hanging in my crappy old harness until I had perfected my own systems. I believe that even if you have the biggest most plush wall harness out there (Yates Shield Harness) you will still experience wall hips if you're technique is bad. Anyways like I was saying...after some practice I jumped in, and bought this harness. Once I received it I immediately loaded up every single gear loop with every last bit of gear I owned (which is wayyyyyyy to much) to see how this baby would sag once full loaded with a 3x rack + hauling gear. As with any harness you need to cinch it down tight to avoid having to 're-cinch' it a few pitches up, but you don't need to over tighten it to avoid harness sag. As for the multitude of gear loops I figured out a good system for myself.We decided to climb Touchstone wall 5.8 C2 in a day without fixing, and my lead was the first few aid pitches. Immediately this harness began to show me why it stands apart from others. The 'Upper Tier' gear loop can be used to carry extra gear, but I feel like slings, and cams with snag to become a huge cluster. Instead I used these as my dedicated ladder/daisey clip in points...'Genius!' I thought to myself as I easily cruised up the first few pitches in an hour or 2. When waiting at the hanging belay's for my partner the harness felt like I was sitting in a Bosun chair (well not really, but it was real comfy), and I really new I was on the right track with this harness. The last thing the harness did to prove itself worthy was the upper free climbing pitches. All rated 5.8 to 5.10 (depending on your willingness, and level of psyche) the harness never felt clunky or bulky while free climbing.All in all I would recommend this piece of equipment to any climber looking for a comfortable, versatile, and light weight aid/wall/multipitch harness. SEND IT!!

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