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Camelbak Antidote Cleaning Kit

Merchant: Altrec
Price: $19.95

Also available for $19.95 to $20.00 Hide alternative Merchants
Merchant: RockCreek
Price: $19.95
Merchant: REI
Price: $20.00
Merchant: SummitHut
Price: $20.00
Merchant: Backcountry
Price: $20.00
Merchant: Eastern Mountain Sports
Price: $20.00
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Product Descriptions
REI Description: The CamelBak Antidote Cleaning Kit keeps your hydration pack reservoir free of gunk and tasting great, ride after ride.

RockCreek Description: The Camelbak Antidote Cleaning Kit is an all-in-one tool kit for faster cleaning and drying. A new click-in dryer hangs Antidote Quick Link reservoirs, ensuring water drains.

Eastern Mountain Sports Description: The CamelBak Cleaning Kit is an all-in-one tool kit for faster cleaning and drying of your CamelBak Antidote reservoir. New click-in dryer hangs Antidote Quick Link reservoirs, ensuring water drains. Extra folding dryer arms lock open Antidote reservoirs. Two brushes and cleaning tabs keep your reservoir taste-free.

Backcountry Description: CamelBak's Hydration Pack Cleaning Kit makes it easy for you to clean out that mossy stuff growing in your water reservoir. Scrub all the way down the inside with the reservoir brush, and get your water tube cleared out with the skinny tube brush. Pop one of the two cleaning tablets in to attack any leftover nastiness, then use the reservoir hanger to keep the bladder open as it dries.

SummitHut Description: If your reservoir is starting to cause your water to taste like it shouldn't, the Antidote Cleaning Kit is just the solution. Use water and the Camelbak Cleaning Tabs to help get rid of the bacteria. One brush takes care of the reservoir while the other fits in the tube to get out any slime, powdered electrolytes, or whatever else that is trying to hang out in your water. Your reservoir will be as good as new!

Altrec Description: The Camelbak Antidote Cleaning Kit is th all-in one cleaning kit for faster cleaning and drying. Life moves fast, and you've got your hands full. Camelbak Accessories add convenience and keep your hydration system working smoothly.

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   Retailer Reviews

Must Have For Any Hydration Pack Owner.

No matter how much we cleaned and drained our hydration packs, over time they started to get grimy and this thing was a lifesaver. I read reviews on the cheaper version of this and after using it realized why it is necessary to have the longer handle. It also works perfectly with our hydration packs that aren't camelbak too! Bottom line...don't skimp, stay fresh and algae free!

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