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Ridley Noah RS

Merchant: Backcountry
Price: $1199.00
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Product Descriptions
Backcountry Description: Ridley has taken the liberty to not only designate its frames by their intended purposes, but to actually design in accordance to the singular characteristics of aerodynamics, stiffness-to-weight, and strength. And, as might already know, the Noah is Ridley's singular aerodynamic offering. At the top of the mountain, you'll find the Noah Fast, where Ridley has applied all of its knowledge and technology. Meanwhile, the Noah RS, found here, takes much of the Noah Fast's FAST-concept wizardry, and dithers it down to a more affordable package. Ridley's FAST-concept was developed for one purpose -- free speed. At its pinnacle, this concept employs Ridley's F-Splitfork, F-Surface paint, F-Brake, and an integrated seatmast. And here, on the Noah RS, we see all of that technology, sans the F-Brake and seatmast. Instead, the Noah RS uses a more conventional seat post. However, the included seatpost is still produced from aerodynamically-shaped carbon fiber. Additionally, this adds a greater versatility to your position on the bike, and makes traveling quite a bit easier. In terms of the RS' use of conventional brake calipers, we find it prudent to weigh out the advantage of simple service and maintenance over the F-Brake's claimed 4. 3% drag reduction. The carbon-fiber lay-up has likewise been tweaked to bring the price downward and to also make the RS a touch more compliant. Accordingly, the RS uses a blend of 40-, 30-, and 24-ton high modulus carbon fiber. The 'ton' designation means that the carbon fiber is capable of withstanding x tons of pressure per square millimeter before achieving structural compromise. So, the main idea to take away from this is that the higher the tonnage, the stronger the carbon fiber. And, the stronger the carbon fiber, the less that needs to be used. That's why the Noah Fast's carbon range of 50- to 30-ton carbon results in an overall lighter frame. The other big difference from the Noah Fast is that the RS seat stays are aero-shaped, b...

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