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Ridley X-Fire Disc/Shimano Ultegra 6700 Complete Bike

Merchant: RealCyclist
Price: $3394.95
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Product Descriptions
RealCyclist Description: With five world championships, and even more national titles to its credit, the Belgian Ridley is rightly said to be residing at the center of the cyclocross universe. Never being one to shy away from innovation, for the first time, Ridley's 2013 line incorporates disc brakes. Paving the way for this design is the X-Fire Disc/Shimano Ultegra 6700 Complete Bike Ridley's X-Fire Disc Complete Bike features a frame constructed of 24-ton carbon fiber, and a full-carbon 4ZA Oryx fork. To manage the load forces from the new disc brake, 4ZA now uses a reinforced lower-leg design. This is beneficial in three ways. First, the massive legs guarantee that you won't experience any lurching or torsion from the caliper. Additionally, the larger blades aid in absorbing any chatter, vibration, or shock from nasty terrain. And last, the 1-1/8 x 1-1/2in, oversized design provides unparalleled rigidity. Coupled with the massive head tube juncture, the Oryx fork offers nimble handling and an explosive sprinting prowess -- perfect for the short spurts of power required after barriers. And while the newly redesigned fork is amazing, the frame construction and features bring just as much to the table. For the carbon itself, the 'T' in 24T stands for ton -- meaning that the X-Fire's carbon can withstand 24 tons of pressure per square inch. This level of strength might sound weighty, but the opposite is actually true. Ridley knows that with stronger carbon, less can be used to receive greater results. Accordingly, this application sheds weight while increasing torsional and lateral rigidity. Aside from carbon, Ridley's decades of 'cross experience bred a few frame features that you'll be happy to have when you're running in the mud. For one, the X-Fire has a squared top and down tube for a heightened sense of comfort and grip when you're shouldering the frame. In turn, this feature also stiffens the bottom bracket juncture for power efficiency.

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