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Yeti Cycles SB-66 Enduro Complete Bike

Merchant: RealCyclist
Price: $3699.95
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Product Descriptions
RealCyclist Description: The Enduro Complete Bike package from Yeti is painstakingly groomed to provide the best mix of quality and value. And when combined with the first chassis to use Yeti's Switch Technology suspension, the SB-66, you've got a bike that can climb with aplomb, yet still craves high-speed, technical descents. Developed to climb and descend aggressive trails alike, the 152mm travel SB-66 represents the current direction of progressive mountain bikes. Key to the 66's multifaceted ability is the distinctive Switch Technology rear suspension design. Technically, it's a mini dual-link system. And while there are a number of iterations currently on the market, Yeti's application offers something a bit different. Switch Technology refers to the rotational movement of an eccentric housed in the lower pivot. Essentially, it's a pivot within a pivot, with 12mm separating the centers. As the rear suspension compresses into its travel, the eccentric (and the pivot) rotate counter-clockwise as viewed from the drive-side of the bike. It moves this way through the first 100mm or so of travel to provide an anti-squat characteristic, keeping the suspension neutral you pedal. When riding, it feels as if the SB-BB has a built-in pedaling platform, and since it's a result of the eccentric, it doesn't rely on heavy compression damping. This gives the '66 excellent traction and control on choppy trails. At the same time, the SB-66 is ready for larger hits. Once the mid-stroke is exceeded, Switch Technology changes direction and rotates clockwise. This keeps chainstay growth at a minimum for reduced pedal kickback and lively handling on tight and twisty trails. It also ramps up the leverage ratio. For the most part, Switch Technology produces a flat curve, but once the rear suspension is pushed towards the limit, it firms up to offer a bottomless feel.

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