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Yeti Cycles SB-66c Enduro Complete Bike

Merchant: RealCyclist
Price: $4499.95
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Product Descriptions
RealCyclist Description: When putting together a component package, there's a tug of war between quality and price point. Everyone wants the latest and greatest, but not everyone can afford it. However, the beauty of Yeti's SB-66c Enduro Complete Bike is that it offers out-of-the box greatness at a palatable entry fee. To start with, this package builds on one of the nicest carbon chassis and suspension designs available. The hand-laid, high modulus carbon front and rear triangles knock a whopping 1.5 pounds off their aluminum counterpart -- and thatAAAs without sacrificing anything to the stiffness department. Ensuring precise handling and reliability is collet-type pivot hardware. This ensures the correct bearing preload, while protecting the structural integrity of the carbon fiber. Enduro Max angular contact bearings fill the bores and offer ultra-tight, flex-free tolerances, while easily managing side loads that send conventional cartridge bearings straight to the dump. However, the heart of the SB line lies in the suspension design. Unlike multi-link systems, which require linkages packed in between the main and rear triangles, YetiAAAs Switch Technology features an eccentric mechanism buried low in the frame -- enabling super-short chain stays and a low center of gravity for lively handling. This compact eccentric continuously adjusts the lower pivot position for a rearward, small-bump-damping axle path that maintains a firm, pedal-friendly platform. Towards the end of the suspensionAAAs travel, the eccentric rotates in the opposite direction for a responsive mid-stroke, and finally to the end position where the suspension becomes progressively stiffer for big hit absorption. Think efficient pedaling, perfectly meshed with big hit capabilities. Like all factory-prepped Yetis, the SB-66c has its rear suspension motion controlled by the highly respected Fox CTD with Kashima. A 150mm 32 Float with CTD fork matches the rear for a simple user interface and easy tuning.

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