PROBAR Announces All-New HALO™ Bars

Posted in Gear Reviews, Health Items by Adam Buchanan - 06.10.2011

The PROBAR crew has taken on a new challenge the hiking community will be pleasantly surprised with: a backcountry dessert bar. Future trail conversations may include such verbage as “You’re having Rocky Road? Not possible dude.” or “How are you eating s’mores? Were in the tundra bro.” and even “So why didn’t you bring some Honey Graham for me punk!?”

HALO by PROBAR might be the best addition to your pack this summer, just bring extra to share.

HALO Flavor Line-Up


“First you take the graham. You stick the chocolate on the graham. Then, you roast the mallow.” – Ham Porter.

The mallow may never reach the flaming level but you know this flavor will turn some heads in camp. This is one of my personal favorites in the HALO line. You can literally see the marshmallow swirled in the bar. PROBAR stays true to their reputation of being able to see the ingredients rather than a ground up puree of slop.

Honey Graham I can’t wait to see the day when someone tries to pack milk and cereal. You know it will happen. What with these iPads and smartphones getting everyone spoiled with extravagant apps and such. Oh…Honey Graham, right… yeah its a great flavor. Sorry about the rant.

Rocky Road This is my favorite when my kids are begging for sugar. When they ask for a treat I pass them the Rocky Road. For all they know their getting a granola ice cream bar. But what they don’t know and don’t need to know is their totally eating a vegan bar ridden with nutrition. I’ll have the last laugh Mr. two year old, oh yes, I will.

Nutty Marshmallow Like the S’mores, this has a swirling marshmallow texture that doesn’t have a high sugar taste. This is simply a sweet alternative for the trail. Probably not my favorite flavor among the dessert quartet but worth trying.

So wait, these are all natural?

Yes. Yes they are. Check out the facts.

  • Calories 150-160
  • Sugars 8-13g
  • Trans Fat 0g
  • Dairy Free
  • Made with Organic Oats

How do they do it you ask? I have no clue. I’ve been to their headquarters a handful of times and where they make the magic happen is pretty secured. I’d make it secure too! Have you tried their bars? Insanely delicious. Who knows, maybe they will open the doors to 6 lucky kids like on Willy Wonka. All I know is if in 20 years we are eating 4 course meals by pill the masterminds at PROBAR will probably be the ones making it happen.

HALO Bottom Line

Try out all the flavors to find what works for you. These are 100% vegan dessert bars. If you are skeptical I suggest taking them on your next hike and trying one for dessert after your crappy dehydrated dinner.


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