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Posted in Gear Reviews, Ski Gear by Brig Graff - 01.26.2012

For just a couple of seasons now, Sierra Designs has been turning out some great gloves. But in my opinion with the Transporter glove they have now hit the mark almost dead-on, design-wise. Let me tell you why these gloves have become my go-to glove every day this ski season…

First of all, they are an under-the-cuff design. I prefer under-the-cuff, for the simple look it provides and that you don’t have a gauntlet bunching up all your jacket around your wrist. Sure, sometimes when you take a digger you’ll get some snow on your wrist. But that’s not a big price to pay for much more comfort, in my view.

Second, the leather (which covers about 80% of the exterior of the glove) is very soft and supple. The touch they provide is perfect when holding ski poles or buckling boots, or trying to blindly grasp a zipper pull on your pit zips. Many gloves think that stuffing the glove with lots of insulation and wrapping it in Cordura and tough rubber palms will make them perfect for skiing. But the fact is, no matter how insulated your gloves are, your hands will get cold real quickly if they are so bulky that you constantly have to take them off to zip your jacket, buckle your boots, etc, etc, etc. The Transporter eliminate this practice of off-and-on almost entirely, because the fine leather makes them perfect for all-day use.

Third, the gloves have burly knuckle guards — which I always appreciate. Good for smacking away tree branches when skiing in the glades gets a little tight. The burly knuckle guard on the back of the hand are about the only piece of non-leather material on the gloves. The knuckle guards on the back of the fingers are black leather.

Also, I love the lining material — very plush, without pulling inside-out when you take the gloves on and off. This is a huge advantage over so many other gloves. If they come inside-out, for me that is a real annoyance — sometimes a deal breaker. You won’t find that with the Transporter glove.

Finally, I love the out-stitching on the palm-side of the fingers. Almost everywhere else on the glove it uses normal sleek stitching (so that the bead of the closure is internal and not visible). But the out-stitching on the palm-side edges of the fingers provides just enough grippy feel to make it much easier carrying skis than if they used the same smooth seam the rest of the glove uses.

I really only have one complaint — and that is that I wish it came in some really bold colors. I don’t mind the tan “work glove” sort of look. Kind of a cool, utilitarian “ski patroller” look. A tough guy look. Pretty cool. But I do get people joking that it looks like I have my yard gloves on, and I’m going to go rake some leaves once the lifts close! But honey badger don’t care. When I was working at the slope-side ski shop cranking bindings for tourists, I skied in my tan all leather work gloves most of the time! So I could do my ski shop work, and blaze out the door for some turns whenever a free minute came up without taking a minute to change gloves. But I think this Transporter glove is so well built, a great glove that many folks would love, that instead of just tan & black leather I would absolutely love to see this glove in red and black leather. Or blue and white leather. Or hey —- why not lime green? It is a great glove that performs, and as such it can afford to amp up the colors of the leather if it wants to.

If you are in the market for gloves, I very highly recommend these gloves. They aren’t big heater gloves for polar expeditions, but for almost any sort of ski day in the Rockies they are certainly warm enough and the all-leather feel gives them great dexterity.

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