Snow Peak Insulated Mug Review

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The H series of stacking mugs from Snow Peak is like the cool, adult, outdoor version of the tub toys many of us played with as kids. Only these are made of titanium, insulated, and way cooler. This summer I had the chance to test and review the Snow Peak Ti-Double H600 Stacking Mug courtesy of Snow Peak.

Snow Peak Ti-Double H600 Stacking Mug Features

  • Material: Titanium
  • Dimensions: D 3.8″ H 4.1″
  • Capacity: 21.2 fl oz
  • Weight: 4.4 oz
  • Mesh Storage Bag Included
  • Price: $54.95

Snow Peak Ti-Double H600 Stacking Mug Review

Lightweight, insulated, packable are the three words that come to mind for the Snow Peak Ti-Double H600 Stacking Mug. The H series includes 5 mugs and the H600 is the second largest. All five mugs nest together within the biggest one.

The H600 holds just over 20 ounces and weighs in at just over 4 ounces. It’s a good companion to your cook pot when going on two person trips. If you have the Snow Peak Trekker Kit or a number of other Snow Peak pots, it will nestle nicely inside along with your stove. It might not fit with the fuel canister though.

I love that it’s insulated, but not bulky. It gives just enough protection to keep your hands from burning when holding hot stuff and it’s just enough to maintain temperature while you eat or drink. For drinking, the Snow Peak Hotlips are a great companion. Yes, they weren’t made specifically to fit on the H series, however, they will work.

It’s a cool feature to have all five mugs in the series nestle together, however, I haven’t thought of a time when I’d have more than 2. It’s great for packing though. I did think the $55 price point is a little steep. Yes it is titanium but you must either really want the mug or you must really be out of other ways to shave weight.

The outer wall is lightly brushed which helps give a little added friction. Even with gloves on, it didn’t feel like it was going to slip out of my hand.

The H series has 5 mugs ranging from 7 ounces to 30 ounces. All are handle-less. If you want a mug with handles, check out the Snow Peak Titanium Double series. With handles you will lose the stackability.

The Good

  • Lightweight
  • Insulated
  • Packable

The Bad

  • Price

Bottom Line:

The Snow Peak Ti-Double H600 Stacking Mug will be more than happy to be at home in your pack. And you will be more than happy to have it.

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