Spyder Introduces OSMO Technology: Claims Supreme Breathability

Posted in News, Ski Gear by Jason Mitchell - 08.26.2010

When it comes to outerwear, everyone claims their fabrics are both waterproof and breathable. We’ve all used Gore-Tex, Pertex, eVent, Hyvent and the like with excellent, acceptable and poor results. Sometimes breathability wins out over waterproof and other times the opposite is the case and you’re left wearing the equivalent of a plastic garbage bag.

In recent times, I’ve been impressed with some of the new house-brand laminates in the market and this year Spyder is making some very bold claims with the introduction of their new OSMO Technology. On paper it appears to provide all the right ingredients to perform on the hill, but the real world is always the best testing grounds. Regardless, it’s great to see Spyder offering a new fabric that is aimed at providing critical breathability in their high-end ski jacket line–because nothing is worse than wearing a sweatbag.

Read on for the full details from Spyder:

08.26.2010 – Boulder, CO – The average person has 2.6 million sweat glands that produce up to a liter of sweat an hour. In cold environments, it’s imperative to move moisture away from the body to maintain dryness and warmth and avoid hypothermia. Spyder, the world’s leading skiwear and mountain based apparel brand, wages war on the cold with their new proprietary OSMO technology to dissipate moisture and help maintain your core body temperature.

Featured in the high-end men’s and women’s 2010 Legend collections and Kyd’s Authentics line, OSMO technology is a super breathable laminate system featuring a 30,000g breathability rating and 20,000mm waterproof rating. This exclusive system achieves world-class breathability based on the inherent properties of osmosis, the diffusion of fluid through a membrane. Spyder’s OSMO edge was developed through the integration of an exclusive three-part system; the garment’s outerlayer, a laminate that provides breathability ratings never witnessed to date in skiwear, and an adhesive that bonds the laminate to the outer fabric. These three elements pull water vapor away from the interior through the garment to the exterior. The OSMO technology conversely blocks larger water molecules of melted snow and rain so they cannot pass through the outer shell toward the body, thus keeping the athlete warmer and drier. Long, cold days on the mountain never felt better.

OSMO with X-STATIC® MVT+ silver technology is also released within Spyder’s 2010 line. A laminate utilizing pure silver throughout the membrane, the technology will provide OSMO’s superb waterproof/breathability while also utilizing the natural, permanent performance properties of silver. Bacterial growth on waterproof, breathable fabrics greatly reduces their effectiveness by clogging the cellular structure of the laminate. Spyder chose X-STATIC® MVT+ because it inhibits the growth of the bacteria on the membrane, allowing it to retain its breathability performance and protect from odor. As the natural silver properties of X-STATIC MVT+ never recede, the performance benefits will be with you for the life of the garment.

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