SylvanSport GO Camping Trailer Now Availabe Direct-to-Consumer

Posted in Camping, Outdoor Gear, Trailers by Jason Mitchell - 04.03.2009
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In my rush between booths at Outdoor Retailer and back-and-forth to my vehicle (usually to check if I got a parking ticket), I had passed by the SylvanSport GO trailer several times, but it didn’t register. I have no idea why it didn’t click how amazing this product is until a simple email in my Inbox this morning.  A quick click and now I’m stoked on this thing. It’s like the Transformer of the camping and utility trailer world.

Pop-up camping trailers have always been interesting to me, but they have a limited purpose–camping only. Where the Sylvan Sport GO shines is in its versatility. It can go from pop-up tent camper to ATV hauler, gear hauler and crap hauler in a matter of minutes.

Take a look at a few of the images to the right to see the various configurations.  Take note that some of the accessories (bike racks, storage, etc.) are not included, but you get the idea–this little trailer can be accessorized to the hilt for whatever adventure you and your crew are into.

SylvanSport GO Trailer Overview (from SylvanSport)

GO is for fun. Our crack design team made the GO selfishly for themselves. But I guess that’s okay, because like a lot of us, they’re into every imaginable outdoor pursuit. We love to camp, boat, bike, surf, sleep, and indulge in just about any other activity that includes family, friends, adventure and fun.

GO is flexible. Mobile Adventure Gear is more than a trailer. Like a Transformer™, it changes from a sleek, low-profile, you-hardly-know-it’s-there trailer, to an ATV-hungry hauler, to a secure, comfy camp in just minutes.

GO carries the load. It easily hauls, stores and organizes all of your toys, from boats, to bikes, to moto-machines and even tools and garden gear. So whether it’s a spur-of-the-moment mini vacation or a trip to the home improvement megastore, GO works. And it’s smart!

GO gets around. With its LED lighting, custom wheels with high-floatation tires, and intelligent suspension geometry, GO is easy to hook up to your tow vehicle and easy to tow—even by first-time-towers.

GO light. At 800 lbs. GO can be towed by almost any vehicle out there. This efficient ‘backpack on wheels’ allows you to have the benefits of an RV without the gas credit card.

GO knows. From GO’s hyper-engineered™ all-aluminum frame, to its Thule-compatible rack system, to its Kelty tent structure, GO is the most refined small towable ever.

SylvanSport GO Trailer Features

  • Low profile design for minimum drag and super fuel efficiency
  • All aluminum hyper-engineered™ frame
  • Torsion suspension for smooth load control
  • Very light weight at 800 lbs.
  • 13” ground clearance and high flotation tires for off-road use
  • UV resistant plastic storage boxes for years of maintenance free watertight storage
  • Waterproof gear storage in top camping pod
  • Lockable waterproof gear storage in front storage pod
  • Rack system frees up space from your tow vehicles’ roof rack
  • Rack system compatible with Thule, Yakima, and other brand accessories
  • 800 lb. load capacity
  • Control-Tilt™ cargo bed with hydraulic dampening system
  • Easy to own with very low-maintenance
  • Excellent suspension geometry and handling characteristics make it easy to tow
  • Cast aluminum wheels
  • Self lubricating hubs
  • Spare tire
  • LED lighting for safer, long lasting service
  • Waterproof electrical system suitable for use as a small boat trailer
  • Reinforced diamond-plate flooring for heavy loads
  • Multiple tie-down points
  • Multiple configurations for carrying gear
  • Download SylvanSport GO Configuration PDF

Sylvan Sport GO Camping Tent Features

  • Innovative Kelty tent system
  • Insulated bed platforms for snug sleeping
  • Stargazing windows
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Custom self-inflating air mattress from Pacific Outdoor Equipment
  • Equal to a king-size and a half of sleeping surface
  • Secure entry awning with optional larger awning
  • Zippered entry / screen door
  • Multiple living space configurations
  • Center beds convert to table
  • Overhead camping pod with gas struts for safe and easy tent set-up
  • Convenient rear step also functions as a tailgate.
  • Stabilizer jacks in all four corners provide secure stability.

The SylvanSport GO Trailer is available through local dealers or direct from for $6195 (plus shipping).

Buy Now: Visit

5 Responses to 'SylvanSport GO Camping Trailer Now Availabe Direct-to-Consumer'

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  1. Brig Graff

    Okay, now this is actually very cool… Never thought I could say that about a car camper caravan, but this is. I also saw a an aluminum camper trailer at the REI in downtown Seattle in 2003 that I loved. And there are the Jumping Jack trailers that give a few other alternatives, too.

  2. Trailer Guru

    This is great! I have been looking forward to getting my hands on one of these for years. This is a great, money saving alternative that is sure to please. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. marie ortiz

    This is the coolest camper I have ever seen.

  4. Brig Graff

    One question though — first rule of camping in bear or cougar country is to not let any food or aromatic items anywhere near your tent or sleeping area. You cook away from your tent, and you keep your food & cooking items in a bag up in a tree on the edge of camp. If you are camped in bear country in a caravan like this, and you are eating INSIDE your tent, aren’t you just inviting the bear to come sniffing around your tent? I love the camper on paper but when I think about how unsafe I might feel in the woods because I’m sleeping with my food, it gives me pause.

    Or, at least it might impress me to NOT bring my food or cooking items into the caravan. That’s one solution, I suppose. :-)

    • Jason Mitchell

      Ha! Let me guess, are you afraid of little chipmunks who will come in and nibble at your candy stash or something too? What about spiders? Do we have to build a spider-free trailer too? I’ll put it on the list.

      In all seriousness, you’re right. All backcountry travelers should practice those basic techniques of separating food and cooking from sleeping. It’s the ideal, but the reality is if its raining or if you’re somewhere with lesser dangers (e.g. spiders), you may be just fine with taking that risk.

      If you are using this trailer in bear country, keep your food cooking and storage well away from this thing as it will offer little protection should a grizz decide to check out your Doritos.

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