Top 3 Powder Stashes at Heavenly

Monday, January 17th, 2011

When you live in a ski town it’s hard waiting for the next powder day.  As anticipation builds you might dream about face shots and pillow drops or do a little snow dance and call on Ullr. Either way when you hear “powder day” you’re giddy like a kid on Christmas morning! Of course on those mornings after a good snowfall you wake up anyone and everyone in the house throw on  your gear slam back coffee some H2o and any food you can quickly throw together, all while heading out the door.  Did I miss anything? Maybe a little shoveling, but that can always wait until you’ve gotten your powder fix in. Here are a few of my top powder stashes at Heavenly located in South Lake Tahoe CA.

3. Western Perimeter (aka WP) Accessed via Olympic Chair (Nevada Side) WP offers some of the most hidden stashes, steeps, pillow drops and natural features for your shredding pleasure. Head into The Pines (skier’s left) and follow the boundary line as long as you can. If you’re lucky you’ll make the high road reaching the top of the burn where typically a nice cornice drop can be found. From there drop in and have fun.  Jump on the Northbowl chair to head back up the mountain.

2. Milkyway Bowl

To guarantee fresh POW turns this should be your first run of the day. Milkyway is well worth the traverse or short hike. Plus you can hit Mott Cayon right after, given the gates are open.  Access Milkyway Bowl via Dipper Chair on the Nevada side or Skyline Trail coming from Cali Side. If you didn’t know, now you know – Heavenly spans over California and Nevada.

1. Firebreak

You’re not a local if Firebreak isn’t on your list of favorite Heavenly spots on a powder day. Technically this “run” is out of bounds.  Marked with a skull and crossbones “You May Die” Firebreak can be accessed through the back country gate skier’s left via Olympic Chair (Nevada Side). It will not disappoint from steep trees to scenic views not to mention epic powder turns in every direction. Nothing is off limits. Once you’re down, if that wasn’t enough you can always head back up the gondola for more. Tip: Don’t go alone and if you’re a firebreak virgin take an alumni or you might end up hiking out.

If you haven’t caught on powder days equal tree riding to this girl and Heavenly hands down has the best in the basin.  Check out  Tahoe Stash for other spots any local may or may not share. What are some of your favorite spots on a powder day?

Pray for Snow,