Tanner Hall

Park City, Utah

Few skiers have had as much good and bad said about them as famed X Games champion Tanner Hall. Tanner first burst onto the scene as a very young teenager in a number of Poor Boyz Productions ski films in the late 1990s, throwing inverted maneuvers that many skiers 10 years older than him weren’t willing to attempt. He is credited by some with helping new school skiing (snowboard-inspired skiing, also known as park and/or jib skiing) hit its inflection point of popularity.

Before Tanner, there had been several early experimenters with the form. But around 1999 to 2000 he perfected the switch rodeo 720 tailgrab, which seemed to ignite a groundswell of enthusiasm for this new take on skiing. The style of snowboarding, or the aggressiveness of skiing? Why not both? As a result, today twin tip skis have surpassed the sales of all other ski types combined. Also the demographics of the sport have shifted to the 25-35 year old majority, versus previously when skiing was losing young people to snowboarding and skiing’s demographic majority was in the 35-45 year old range.

While becoming one of the most pivotal figures in transforming the ski industry, Tanner has won multiple X Games medals including at least 7 gold, as well as founded a the Armada ski company. He has suffered haters and injuries, but no one can deny his dominance and influence. Tanner Hall has become a true icon of skiing.

Tanner’s sponsors include: Armada Skis, POC, Oakley, Red Bull, Dakine, Dalbello, Tyrolia, Pull-in, D-structure, Park City Mountain Resort.

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