BY Barebones Living

10” Cast Iron Dutch Oven - Barebones

Master every roast and cobbler, both indoors and out. This 10" Cast Iron Dutch Oven is the harbinger of pure mountain joy and grandfather of smokey rich memories. Barebones Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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Robert Workman grew up working on the family ranch. When he was barely old enough to ride, he’d get up at the crack of dawn and drive cattle down the meadow. At that early hour, the cattle moved slower than a bunch of teenagers trying to get out of bed and make it to school on time. The Chuck Wagons left camp early as well and set up wherever they figured the drivers would stop for the day. With his friends and coworkers, Robert, now founder and Chairman of the Board at Barebones, would sit down to an unforgettable feast—a meal cooked in well seasoned cast iron. Now Barebones shares the same pure mountain joy and smokey rich memories with you in their 10" Cast Iron Dutch Oven. The extra wide base means this Dutch oven stacks and stores easily. The handy briquette heating guide on the bottom side of the venting lid will allow you to master every roast and cobbler in no time at all, whether you're cooking indoors, on the grill, or outside on a wild adventure. The lid is designed for both perfect steaming and venting. SPECIFICATIONS 14”L x 12.5”W x 16” H; Weight: 14 lbs; 10”– 4 qt; Barebones Limited Lifetime Warranty.