BY Barebones Living

Beacon Light

As the fire glows and the whiskey warms, the stars emerge and we linger, remembering our depth and purpose. The Barebones Beacon Light was inspired by the lanterns of the first explorers, guardians of the ancient miners and mariners who worked in dangerous environments. This heritage of beauty and durability should belong to every modern adventure-seeker. Easy to hang or stand and Provides 220 Lumens for 3 hours or 200+ hours on low. Features a battery life indicator to prevent unforeseen darkness.



The Barebones Beacon Light showcases a classic yet robust design inspired by a rich and fulfilling history. The resilient body shape and durable protective casing of the Beacon Light reflect the wind and wave defying design of traditional fisherman's lanterns, also called onion lamps. The heart and soul of the Beacon Light, however, is encapsulated in the carabiner top. The inspiration was take from thousands of feet beneath the ground, from the furthest reaches and darkest recesses of human exploration, where traditional coal miners would hang their lanterns as guardians to illuminate dark and dangerous environments. Drawing on the past, living in the present, and looking to the future, the Barebones Beacon Light is true to its core - beauty and durability. Plus, it comes with an added measure of confidence, hope, and a pretty neat smooth dimming feature that allows you to completely brighten your surroundings or simply set the mood. The Beacon comes with a 30-inch cord for its rechargeable battery—which lasts 200+ hours on low or three hours on high. And thanks to a convenient battery life indicator, you'll never be left in the dark.