BY Barebones Living

Pulaski Axe - Barebones

Splitting wood and rooting trails has never been so satisfying. Forged with a 1055 high carbon steel split blade and wide angle, the Pulaski Axe features a weighted head for ease of swinging. The 1/3" solid steel core encased in wood secures the head with a tightening hex bolt and provides a steel pommel end for rooting and trenching.



The wise say that if you only have six hours to cut down a tree, you should spend the first four sharpening your axe. Obviously, the wise never handled the Barebones Pulaski Axe. 1055 high carbon steel split blade means less sharpening and more chopping. Splitting wood has never been so satisfying. The weighted head features a wide angle, which is easy to swing, while the 1/3” solid steel core secures the head to the wooden handle with a tightening hex bolt. The steel pommel end makes rooting and trenching a breeze. The Barebones Pulaski axe is the absolute utility tool you'll need whether you're cutting roots & maintaining trails, or just splitting wood. And the great thing that critics have lauded the Barebones Pulaski for is the full-length tang with a tightening bolt for the head -- so that if the head ever gets a bit loose after lots of use, you won't have to get it re-fitted: just give the head bolt a few turns and your rock-solid again.