Dad brings the surprises.


Ready to be dad-of-the-year? A Frisbee or hacky-sack is always nice if you need to pack ultra light. But here we’ll show you some downright eye-popping options for camp fun, too.

It’s tough to be keeping it 100 when the kids are miserable. Bring some surprises just as the kids are getting on each others' nerves, and you'll not only turn around the vibe of the day ---- they'll want to get out there & do it again.

So don't just think of the hammocks or the slacklines as nice-to-haves. Those are the things that actually win the hearts of your little crew. Don't go through all the effort of taking time off, packing up, driving for hours...and then not giving them the punchline of a brilliant surprise & fun. Plan with the payoff in mind, and pull it out at the right time. Like a boss. Like a dad.

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