BY Duckworth

WoolCloud Snap Shirt - Unisex

Duckworth's WoolCloud Snap Shirt takes rugged ranch style and natural wool-fill warmth to new levels.
"We all know the advantages of wool, but many of us have been disappointed by fragile, uncomfortable clothing that doesn’t block wind and looks too formal to wear in a small town. This shirt doesn’t have any of those problems! It’s comfortable, well made, and suitable for everyday use. I live in a coastal town that has cool, windy weather much of the time. This shirt will be used every day throughout most of the year.When I started to put it on, I thought it was going to be too small. After it was on, I realized that the fit was perfect when worn over a thin base layer such as a T-shirt. I would suggest ordering the next size up if you wear more base layers or if you are between sizes.Good quality, American clothing is expensive, but this shirt is well worth the money. It looks like it will last a long time and it will be worn every day."



Although the WoolCloud Snap Shirt may look like the finest suit coat of the outdoor world, the coolest part is understanding what it is made out of and what it does. First off all, it may look like a jacket, but is actually an insulated shirt intended to be worn close to the body. The reason for this design is to get the Duckworth WoolCloud insulation to surround your core where it can do it's job and keep you warm. The natural wool fill isn't like your average down and won't clump or pack over time. This is a go-to daily item that excels in multiple seasons and works well with layering as temps dip.