We created this guide to help you get started rock climbing

Rock climbing is a great sport to grow your mental and physical strength while facing new challenges and meeting new people. We'd like help you find a new sport to fall in love with, and this guide will help you choose the right climbing gear you'll need to get the job done right.

Basic Types of Rock Climbing

Tips for first time climbers

Think about it - humans evolved from monkeys and what do monkeys do? They climb! This is seen best in small children - they have a natural unchecked urge to climb and often are quite good (and fearless). But as we get older we forget, or our self conscious gets the better of us. Climbing is a great way to retain that ingrained full body playful motion that has been bred out of us, and we can even do it into old age!

The best tips we have are: 1) Get some good instruction with a quick intro to climbing class at the local gym (BKB climbing gym in Chicago, Boston and NY has its beloved "Beginner to Badass" series for a very reasonable price); 2) Use your feet! Many think it’s all about arm-strength, but it’s more about balance and strength-to-weight ratio; 3) Climbing has a bit of danger to it, so be smart and take it seriously...but have fun with it!

Climbing Shoes

Climbing Shoes

Various distinctive features do exist between climbing shoes. Whether you prefer lace ups so you can adjust tightness on specific points of the top of your foot, or velcro straps to adjust evenly across the entire foot, there's a climbing shoe out there that will deliver on your preference once you determine what that is.

Additional Climbing Gear

Care and Storage

Like any gear, if you are aware and attentive to how you treat, clean, and store it there’s no reason it should not last seasons if not year of use. With climbing shoes, we always brush any debris and dirt off before beginning a route and before packing out for the day. To keep our helmets from getting too stinky too fast, we like to wipe the inside with a facial or disinfectant wipe at the end of a climbing session. Between seasons, we store our climbing gear in it’s own designated bag after each item has received another wipe down and maybe toss in a few dryer sheets to ward off any stink.

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