Travel like a pro with these packing tips

Has the terrain become mundane at the nearest mountain resort? Tired of heading to the same hills in your hometown every weekend? Going on a ski (or snowboard) trip is a good way to become better and your winter sport of choice and explore new places. Even if you don’t stomp that 180 on the first go-round, you can try again tomorrow. And there’s always aprés. Always. Pack your bags using these pro tips and feed your winter wanderlust.

Bring these little things.

A few small items make the difference between misery and mastery. Dominate the slopes with a small tube of sunscreen in your pocket as well as lip balm with SPF in it. Bring some medicated lip cream to slather on at night to prevent chapping. Toe and hand warmers are also a good idea. And if your fingers are cold, chances are your nose is running. Keep a travel pack of tissues in your pocket, even if your gloves have a nose wipe on the thumb. Like to listen to tunes or use an action camera while bombing down the hill? Bring along a portable power bank so you don’t miss a beat. Throw in some goggle cleaner and you’re good to go. Don’t want all this in your pockets? Use a small backpack, which can double as your personal item on the plane to save space in your suitcase. Pro tip: Include everything on your packing list (right down to that lip balm!) so you don’t forget anything.

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