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Highline 8 10'x14' Canvas Tent

The original vintage canvas tent from Springbar, with that iconic mid-century modern look. Invented in 1961. Now available again, in all its glory! The amazing thing about the Springbar is the breathability of the canvas, so you don't get all stuffy as you do with synthetic materials, even though the canvas is fully weather-treated so that it holds up to the harshest of the elements. This is 1960s American camping and wanderlust in a gorgeous profile and completely sturdy setup. Throw a couple of these in your truck and then set up a mini-community or base camp around a fire, for the highest degree of rugged comfort in a go-anywhere form factor. Set up an awesome tent city in minutes rather than muscling RV's and trailers into a location.



In 1961, Jack Kirkham invented the original Springbar Canvas Tent as an easy-to-assemble alternative to the terrible pup tents of the day. With lots of headroom, tall standing height, and one of the most iconic mid-century modern profiles of Americana, the Springbar quickly became a historic favorite. It is the ideal, nostalgic car camping tent for all seasons, and is a world apart from the more-tech-than-necessary tents of today. Want to cut a different tack than everyone else? Want to go camping for the soul of it? The Springbar Highline 8 will sleep eight people, providing 140 sq feet of original nostalgia, and a quick one-person setup. Featuring a 10’ x 14’ footprint, the Highline 8 is 6.5 ft tall. And is made of premium Hardyduck™ Canvas. This canvas is breathable, burly, and is finished off with a heavy-duty waterproof laminated vinyl flow. ICONIC FEATURES:Galvanized steel pole set with zinc plated 3/8-inch solid steel Springbar rods are the ONLY way to go.No-see-um mesh provides large windows for natural light. Iconic American camping, not techy to the extreme.Perimeter rope reinforcement with wire stake loops.Twelve inch steel stakes.Springbar has its roots in awning manufacturing, so you know this tent comes with a great awning and tie-downs. Quality craftsmanship comes natively with anything Springbar. The design harks back to the design purists of mid-century America. Relying on flex and tention to create spaciousness and strength, the design is simple and clever. Steep walls, gently-sloped roof. This is unlinke any tent out there. It is for the modern car camper. The Hardyduck Canvas is 100% cotton, but is tightly-woven. And it is army duck treated to resist the elements as well as prevent mold and mildew. Its breathability is beyond that of today's synthetic materials, while still be watertight in wet weather. It eliminates the mugginess and condensation of other tents, and canvas creates a comfortable and nostalgic vibe that techy materials can't rival. This is THE vintage tent from road-trippers of the 1950s and 60s. And is still unrivaled when it comes to quality and comfort for car camping, family camping, or base camp adventures.

Standard Specifications:

  • Highline 8 Includes: tent & awning w/carry bag, pole set w/carry bag, steel stakes w/carry bag, awning ropes, adjustable gear-loft.
  • Capacity: 8 person
  • Set-Up Dimensions: 10 x 14 x 6.5 Feet
  • Packed Dimensions: 4 x 1 x 1 Feet
  • Roof Material: 10oz Hardyduck™ Canvas
  • Wall Material: 8oz Hardyduck™ Canvas
  • Floor Material: 14oz Laminated Vinyl
  • Pole Material: Galvanized Steel Tubing
  • Springbar Rods: 3/8-inch Zinc Plated Solid Spring Steel
  • Stakes: Solid Steel 12-inch Length
  • Weight: 84 lbs


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Alec Neish 02/10/2018

Springbar is a classic. Can't go wrong. This is what our scout troop uses for our tents. Bulletproof.